Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday Volume II- Forza Moscato

As I was perusing the alcohol aisle at my local Costco, I was stunned to see a favorite of mine for $6 for 1.5 Liters. (Yes that's a BIG bottle, my friends!)

 Forza Moscato

For those of you who have not tried Moscato, it is a light flavored white wine.  It tastes like a sweet and sugary dessert!  Forza Moscato is described as a "refreshing wine product."

Check out its review on What's In Your Glass?

I think I am developing a pattern here.  Most of the "beverages" I prefer tend to be light and easy to consume.  Forza Moscato is great on a hot, humid evening (we've been having LOTS of those here on Long Island- not good for your hair, but JUST FINE to drink in). 

It is easy to serve and "likeable" (I'm giving it a "thumbs up" in my head.)

It is also an AMAZING value at $6 for 1.5Liters. 




Carmen said...

I have never been a fan of alcohol. Probably because I have yet to taste anything good.

Anonymous said...

I so wish we had a Costco close by! I am putting Forza Moscato on my list of things to try =)