Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Organize, Smorganize AKA How I get everyone where they need to be

I try to stay organized.  I really do!  It's not easy being the CEO of the household.  I have 5 different schedules to manage.  And as many times I share the schedule with DH, he never seems to remember it.  Annoying!

MomAgenda is an amazing website with tons of organizing planners and items to make a mommy's life a little more manageable.

Every year I "arm" myself with a new momAgenda (this year it will be this). The momAgenda Mini-Daily is great to carry in your purse and allows you to keep the family's schedule at your fingertips.  The calendar runs from August to August, so it is perfect to pick up when you are shopping for all those school supplies.
To keep my hubbie on track, I use a Family Planner.  I copy the schedule from my Mini-Daily to the Family Planner that is magnetically attached to my fridge.  There are no questions about who belongs where because everything is posted.

If you can see the picture clearly, the Family Planner has the same format as the day planners.  There is a large section at the top for my appointments, where I also include all family events as well.  There are four smaller section below.  I use one for each child and DH.  In addition, there is small box to plan for dinner.  The Desktop and Mini-Daily also include monthly calendars, which I use to keep track of bills due and birthday parties, an area for party lists, vacation planning,and holiday calendars by year.  There is also an address book that is detachable, which is transferred between planners easily.  Can you get anymore organized than this?

I also have the Kitchen Folio.  I use this to keep track of the kids' physicals, class lists, doctor information, and important phone numbers for the babysitter (in the unlikely event I mighty actually go out WITHOUT the kids!)

I can't say enough great things about momAgenda.  Its products have helped keep my family "on track" and me where I have to be.

Luckily for you, momAgenda is a offering a great deal! 

Can't wait to get my Mini-Daily in the mail!
What systems do you use to keep the family "on track"?

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