Thursday, July 28, 2011

"I Like Turtles!"

My oldest son started saying this a few months ago.  It was always totally unrelated to anything going on.  He would yell it out the front door.  Out the car windows.  At little league.  I just thought he was silly and weird.  (I mean that in the nicest, motherly way possible.)

Then I went into his class for his end of the year party.  His friends drew turtles on his shirt.  "They must know he likes turtles," I thought to myself.  "How sweet."  Then I noticed all the boys had turtles drawn on their shirts.   

Where did this infatuation come from?  Well, you know when you have an older sibling, you sometimes see different shows.  Or if you have kids, you can't stay up to watch any shows because you're so freakin' tired.  Anyway, I digress...
This is why the boys in my son's class liked turtles so much.

This was actually shown on Tosh.O.  If you don't know about Daniel Tosh, he is a comedian on Comedy Central (Tuesdays at 10PM) who makes fun of You Tube Videos.  He is raunchy.  Really raunchy. However, some of the videos he finds are hysterical. 

Most of his material is NOT APPROPRIATE for kids, however, this was one of his milder skits.  Every show he chooses a You Tube video and gives the "star" of that video a chance to redeem himself.  Believe me, some of these videos NEED a redemption. 
What are thsee people thinking?  And they recorded it too!  Crazy! 

Here is the Web Redemption for the "turtle boy".

Sorry about the link.  I was having trouble copying the video from Tosh's website.  I had to "You tube" it instead. 

The point of my story.  I realized my kid was not "weird".  People knew why he was shouting "I Like Turtles!"  It was totally a joke between him, his buddies, and the rest of Tosh's audience. 
I was out of the loop! 

My son, the comedian.  He's one funny kid!


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Jessica said...

My friendly advice based on that post is that if your son has not done so already - don't let him watch Annoying Orange on youtube!!

Good Girl Gone Green said...

That is so funny!!!

Carmen said...

I'm pretty sure I need cable back because he is freaking hilarious!!!