Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tipsy Tuesday- Dr. Konstantin Frank Semi Dry Riesling

I'm baaaaaack!  This stupid sinus infection is finally gone.  I cannot believe that I was out of commission for over a week.  Welcome to my new and old followers.  I am sorry I haven't been more interesting.

Anyway, for my late edition of Tispsy Tuesdays, I am reviewing

Dr. Konstantin Frank Semi Dry Riesling

It's vintage is 2009 and is described as semi dry.  Reislings can be pretty sweet.  Dr. K's has the hint of sweetness, but is not too sugary or fruity.  Another great wine I would drink with appetizers, desserts, or at any family BBQ.  It would be a nice complement to a delicious grilled fruit dessert.  (Maybe I will review a yummy grilled fruit recipe later this week- I owe you guys something good!)

Here is another review of Dr. Konstantin Frank Semi Dry Riesling.  It gets great reviews!

Another thing that I like about this vino is that it is from a vineyard in the Finger Lake region of NY.  Check out a review about this vineyard from James Flynn's Wine Blog here.

You all know that I am pretty cheap when it comes to my wine.  (I mean in price, not in flavor).  Try this bottle for about $13.  It's delicious!

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