Saturday, August 20, 2011

Six Word Saturday- Come join us!

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Here's my entry:

I wish I could sleep in.

In my "pre-kiddie" years, I took full advantage of how great sleep was.  I went out late, woke up early, pulled all-nighters.  It was not a problem.  I knew at SOME point during the week, I would make up for it.  Fast forward 8 years.  Sleep, I miss you.  I just can get enough of you and I AM TRULY SORRY I took advantage of you all these years.  


a simple woman said...

came over here from 6WS; love it! I know what you mean; not sure the age of your kids, but you do get more sleep once they are in that 6-11 year old range unless they are sick or not feeling good, but then you lose it again once they get to be teens and you are waiting for them to come home with curfew. Of course then they will be the ones wanting to sleep until noon. Hoping you can catch an occasional nap here and there!

Karen S. said...

I really know the feeling...we've been up way too early too many days in a on vacation it's an okay thing!

Something Swanky said...

Great blog :)

Following from vB! Would love a follow back when you get the chance!

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Anonymous said...

It does get easier and you do eventually get your mornings back, but it is really tough while they're young.
And a simple woman is right (I know that sentence looks strange)they do eventually want to sleep later than you do. Then is a good time to make a lot of noise in the morning.

Anonymous said...

Take it from me: Sleep's over-rated. I don't think I've ever slept more that 5 hrs at a stretch in my life.

Tami said...

Some day when those little ones are grown and out of the house you can sleep in again - as I did today. But then you'll be willing to give up the sleep to have them back. :) You just can't win.

The Mama Pirate said...

Aww, me too! Someday our houses will be empty again though and we'll miss this. Or at least that is what I'm telling myself while I chug coffee.

Found and am following you through Six Word Saturday!

Dangzter Online said...

Why oh why when I was in elementary, the old folks would exerts so much efforts to remind me to sleep between 2-4PM. To no avail, I preferred to play and roam around during this unholy hours. Now, I wish I had the luxury of sleep. Sleep, sorry I just took you for granted.


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Dangzter Online

Call Me Cate said...

I don't have kids but I have cats. They also don't seem to understand that sometimes I stay up too late or have a rough day. They expect crunchies at the same time every morning.

Thanks for playing 6WS!

Quiltingranny said...

WooHoo, I slept in until 8:00 this morning and my hubby who never sleeps beyond 4:00 didn't get up until after 10:00...does that mean we are getting old! Love your post today!Hop on over to the Quilting Ranny blog for your chance to win a Blessing Bracelet:

Cori said...

i dont have kids and still wish i could sleep in :D

thank you for following my blog, and I'm following your blog now too!!

jessicaclarke said...

I love to sleep and miss it dearly. Thanks for stopping by my blog, following u back. Love the name of ur blog:)