Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Earthquake? In New Yawk?! And Other Thoughts For The Day

Yep, that's right.  The earthquake in Virginia (I think it was a 5.9), was felt ALL the way up the coast to NY.  My brother felt it, my sister felt it, my friends felt it.  Me?  I was talking on the phone and didn't feel a thing.  I guess it's a good thing.

My hubbie, however, has been in DC for work for almost a week.  He DEFINITELY felt it.  He told me the building started shaking and he calmly walked to the door.  By the time he was there the shaking stopped.  Once I realized the earthquake was right out DC, I immediately freaked.  It took me 45 minutes to get in touch with DH.  He was ok, but there was no phone service.  He could only email.

Reality stuck me yesterday.  I couldn't speak to my hubbie for 45 minutes.  How about all those women and men whose significant others are fighting for our country overseas.  They may not have contact for days or weeks at a time.  And you manage to keep it all together.

I think way to often THAT part of a military relationship is overlooked.  It must be so stressful and unsettling.  And I only had a feeling of it for 45 minutes.
You are all amazing!  Thank you and your family for all of your hard work and dedication to our country.

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Rosann said...

I'm in Western PA and lots of people felt it here, including my husband who was home with our 2yr old while I was out getting my haircut. I never felt it, but everyone in the salon did. Weird. I'm more or less from California (spent 18yrs of my life there) so maybe I'm just programmed to not notice a little shaking - unless it's enough shaking to rattle the pictures off the walls and cause damage.

Glad your hubby is Ok. :)