Monday, October 10, 2011

Thank you Mr. Perdue for Saving Dinner

So as you can tell from my posts (or lack of posts I should say) I have had a difficult time getting back to work (I am a teacher) and back to my children's school schedules.There is the initial challenge of getting everyone where they need to be in the morning.  After work is one big taxi ride between a gazillion activities (baseball, soccer, religion, etc...)  I finally feel like I am getting the hang of it (in October!).

My next challenge is DINNER!  I have tried crockpotting it, cooking ahead, eating pancakes, it just so hard for me.  My kids are not  picky eaters, they just are basic- chicken, macaroni, and a veggie.  I am really trying to watch our grocery budget lately.  We are spending too much money on fast food and take-out because I am just so exhausted by the time we get home after all our our stops.
In my last supermarket visit, I found this:


This was super easy to make and NO MESS!  

All I did was preheat the oven (400 degrees), lined a roasting pan with aluminum foil, and opened the outer bag.  Inside was a marinated roaster in a cooking bag.  I cut a small slit, plopped the bagged bird onto the pan, and popped it in the oven. 

I followed the cooking directions as listed and an hour and 45 minutes later, I have a delicious roasted chicken.  

I paid $8.99 for the roaster.  Yes, I know that if I shopped around I could have probably gotten a better deal on the chicken and marinated it myself.  This is a great alternative if you are in a rush and want a healthy and easy meal.  This is much a better option than fast food or take-out and cheaper, too!  I served my roaster with corn on the cob (from the farm- YUM) and a ceasar salad (E Tu salad kit). 

The Perdue Oven Ready Roasters make a great meal and are worth giving a try.  I have not checked prices from store to store, so they may even be cheaper depending on where you shop.  Maybe there is even a coupon?  
What are your cooking shortcuts?  Share them!  

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Mr. Perdue has saved our dinner a few times as well!

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