Thursday, October 13, 2011

Do you have an ICE?

ICE- In Case of Emergency
I just heard about this recently. ICE should be place in front of your emergency person in your cell phone contacts.  For example, my husband is listed as ICE Phil in my contacts list.  This gives first responders valuable information in the case that I am unconscious and need assistance.

Add ICE to your contacts today


Katherines Corner said...

I did this a long time ago, I have to ICE contacts in my phone my sweet hubby and my daughter too.This is great advice xo

Cherished Events said...

That is really good to know, I'd never heard that before. Thanks! New follower from the hop.

All Natural Katie said...

I have two in my phone. One for my husband and one for my dad. I have them labeled "ICE 1 - husband" and "ICE 2 - dad." My dad is a doctor, so I figured in case of an emergency, might be good to have him. Plus, if your husband can't be reached, then it's good to have a second option.