Sunday, September 18, 2011

Playing Catch Up!

It has been a week since I have blogged.  I am so sorry.  This has been the Official First week back to school (and work for me).  Man, it was tough!  I spent most of my days running to kiddie appointments.
I actually go to work to take a BREAK.  That is just plain CRAZY!

This week I plan on catching up on all of my comments and new followers (I promise- I am usually more interesting!)  and getting back to posting...Do I hear giveaway?
Happy Sunday everyone!


coronaryrn said...

I am busy hopping around this evening...follow back please @ and on facebook @ Thanks!

Karima said...

Hi, I have awarded you the 'Versatile Blogger Award' Here is the link to my post to receive your award. Karima :)

Kim said...

I love your site! You just got yourself a new fan. Following you via GFC. Playing Blog hop tag, YOU'RE IT! Tag me back at: and on facebook

Mikki said...

Love that image! I can so relate to it!

I've awarded you the Kreativ Blogger Award. You can find the post at
and (if you're inclined to) you can pass it on!