Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Back to school

Do you remember how you felt the first day of school? 

 I was always excited, but really nervous.  Who is my teacher?  Is she nice?  Do I have friends in class with me?
This morning I watched my older children start school. 

Again I had the same feelings.  Who are their teachers? Will they be nice?  Will they take the time to understand my children.  Will my boys make new friends?

I anxiously awaited their return today.  I could not wait to hear about their day. 
Can you guess what response I got?
"It was good."

That's it!  After all that worrying and anxious energy I exerted, all I got what that school was "good" and "can I have a snack?"

Gotta love kids!  Hopefully they will not grow up to be a worry wart like their mom.


Candice said...

How funny! My 2 year old just started school a couple of weeks ago and when I try to ask him how school was or what his favorite thing was...he usually tells me about the snack he ate. Kids! :)

Brenda H said...

I had a nephew once that ran home crying after his first day of school and didn't want to go back! "It was good" the second year was a blessing :)

I hope the rest of the year continues as well

a bench with a view said...

I remember when my kids were younger and they had their first day of school, I'd be anxiously awaiting their return to hear how it went and I would usually get the "it was good" answer too. I guess that's better than hearing anything else negative, right? hope it is a good school year for them!


Brooke said...

Kids are awesome! That's all there really is to say. Kids say the darndest things and then sometimes ya get NOTHIN'. ;)

Anna said...

Thank you for following my blog. i love coupons too!. Anna

Olivia Douglass said...

Love that-- you expect so much more, but at least it wasn't horrible! :) I am stopping along on the midweek hopalong and am your newest follower on Twitter, GFC and Networked Blogs.


Ellen Marie "Mama" Pike said...

I am following you from the Friday Blog Hop. Yes, I still remember the feelings you described when school started each fall.

I now have five grandchildren and it is fun to be a part of all their new beginnings.

Did you ever get anymore info from your children? That is funny!