Friday, September 23, 2011

Help a Momma Out!

A heartfelt thank you to all my old and new followers over the past 2 weeks.  I have returned to work and the kids have returned to school.  The schedule is killing me!  I spend most days running from school to work to school to activities to home! ( I have driven through the fast food window more times than I would like to admit.)  I am tired, my friends, and am sure some of you are too!

So, I reaching out for your guidance.  How do you Mommas make it work?  Please share any advice or tips you may have.  I know I am not the only mom trying to make it work. 

 How do you do it all?

My goal for this week is planning dinners.  I am going to make some children cutlets this weekend and maybe a chicken soup. This will alleviate the guilt I am having from from feeding my children too many chicken nuggets.

Let's help each other out!  I am looking forward to hearing from you!


ReadyOrNot said...

Lots of quick easy meals, lunchables or packing lunches the night before. Trying to limit activities during the week (except this week for me!)

The Mama Pirate said...

My husband was laid off a few months ago and is a stay at home daddy which helps tremendously but our son still eats a lot of chicken nuggets.

I use my blackberry to set reminders for everything, even an alarm at 10PM to remind me that I need to stop what I am doing and go to bed.

I also have a list that I go down as soon as I get home so that I don't forget anything.

I have been looking at different sites with recipes for freezer friendly meals. I have a friend who once a month makes a bunch of freezer dinners. It is a lot of prep work, she spends a whole day cooking, but she swears it is a time saver for dinner.

Good luck! It must be possible to make it work and keep your sanity. I have to think so or there is no hope for me, lol!

Jenelle said...

I know how you feel and being a single mom, daughter in school and working full time is challenging.

I have to constantly write things down in order to remember everything that I need to do. I also make lunches and get everything packed and ready for the next day.

As far as dinner, I try to make things that are good left overs and I no longer feel guilty for the nights were my daughter only wants cereal or chicken nuggets. I always try and give her some fruit or vegetables with either meal and am thankful for the "easy" night dinners.

It is all about finding balance and keeping your sanity and remembering that you are only person and can't do everything all day everyday. Its okay to let the house cleaning go for a week or two or if the dishes stay in the sink overnight. don't stress over the little things.

Good Luck!

Ali's Answers said...

Thank you all for the suggestions. I am always thankful to hear how others "make it work". I find batch cooking so interesting. i would love to give it a try
Have a great week everyone:)

Michael Ann said...

Schedules do help. Menus do help. But it's the actually making of the schedules and menus that has to get done too :-) BUT, when I do take the little bit of time to schedule and plan, I know it does help. Also, delegate!! How old are your kids? Even preschoolers can do some jobs. Every little bit helps. Don't try to do it ALL!