Friday, November 21, 2008

I'm disappointed and tired... (Review of Twilight)

This will be brief because I have to run to work... after having 2 hours of sleep and braving the Northeast cold to attend the 12:01 viewing of Twilight this morning.

First of all, I love this book and the series. I think Stephenie Meyer is a literacy goddess (read previous post). However, the movie just did not meet my expectations. It was very choppy (I could follow the plot because I know the story, those who have not read the book will be confused). The actors seemed "blah", Edward was corny at times (looking as if he was going to throw up at the first "sniff" of Bella.) The added dialogue was shallow and the vampire scenes unimpressive. I loved the suspense of the book and the movie just did not "do it for me".

Anyway, I will post more later about the scenes that should have been included and those that should have been left out ("Say out loud what I am...")... I have to run!

Signing off, a very tired and cranky...

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Jessica said...

I just found your blog from BBC, and I wanted to agree with your assessment of the movie.
I still say I liked it, but it left way too much out. Did not do the book justice at all.
Let's just hope the next 2 don't suck!! I read the whole series twice now.....