Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Recovering From Sandy

My husband left the house for the 6th day in the row to get gas.  The gas lines are terrible.  People are lining up at closed stations hoping they receive a delivery.  They are waiting for hours.
We were fortunate to gas one car up a few days ago.  He only had to wait for 2  1/2 hours.  We are also lucky that I have not had to go to work this past week.  All the schools have been closed since last Monday.  They are expected to open tomorrow, but a Nor'easter is on its way. 
I pray that it spares Long Island.  So many people have lost so much. 
We lost power for 5 days. It wasn't so bad the first 2 days. It was actually enjoyable. The kids played outside more, my husband and I sat and talked, and we were all in bed early. The candlelight was romantic. But once the temperature starting dropping, the loss of power was unbearable!

Many of my friends have lost power. Some have my friends have lost their homes. Long Island's towns and beaches are destroyed and there are so many people struggling to survive.

Today I am thankful for what  have and am reevaluating what I need.  Today my family is collecting thosre extras we don't need to give to thise that need so much.  My Cub Scout Den is holding a clothng drive.  What an importnant lesson it is to teach our children to give to others in need.

Not sure if this is the best quote, but it is one I like.
Be safe, warm, thankful, and kind.

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