Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Attention All My Fellow Shoe Lovers!!! FFANY Tonight on QVC!

Taken from the QVC site...
In recognition of October as Breast Cancer Awareness month, QVC, the Fashion Footwear Charitable Foundation (FFCF), and the Fashion Footwear Association of New York (FFANY) have joined forces to raise money for breast cancer research and education. This year on Wednesday, October 15, during the three-hour broadcast from QVC Studio Park (with live coverage from the Shoes on Sale benefit in New York City), QVC will offer more than 100,000 pairs of designer shoes at half the suggested retail price.* Net proceeds from FFANY Shoes on Sale® and special QVC Shoe of the Day segments will benefit breast cancer research and education.**

I am in desperate need of some kicking black boots and a new pair of UGGS. I've heard about this sale before and totally missed it last year. I am so excited! Tonight I am getting the kids in early, opening up a bottle of wine, and charging away :)
What a great way to support Breast Cancer Awareness month! Think Pink!

When will it ever end...

Toilet training... I mean. It was so much easier to train DS#1- I was home on maternity leave with #2. But now, DS#2 is 3 years old and needs to be out of those Pull-ups. Everytime I go to CVS I say to myself "this will be the last package."
Anyway- 5 trips later, we ARE a little closer. I just really need a little initiation by DS#2, is that too much to ask?
Thanks for listening. Just one of those days.. KWIM?

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Friends in My Head (FIMH)

It's all Sasha's fault. Sasha, of course, from I'm Barely Keeping It All Together. She is a friend in my head (thanks to Wendy William for the phase.)
I found Sasha on the Baby Center Bargain Hunters Board (A place that I lurk- these ladies are amazing the stuff they find). Sasha talks about kids, fashion, makeup, bargains, yummies- all the things I love. She then introduced me to the Nester and along the way I met Cheap Jap and the Budget Fashionista. We all hang when the hubbie is at work, drink a cocktail (at least I do) and catch up on things.
Who are your FIMH?

Numero Uno

My first post. I have been enjoying so many blogs for the past few months and have never had the courage to start my own. Until today. Hopefully I won't bore the h*@# out of you. Happy reading!